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  • nblake-photo
    Blake, Nancy


    Comparative Lit 3072 Flb 707 S Mathews M/C 160 Urbana, IL

    Office Hours
    Spring 2017: TR 2-3, 3032 FLB

    19th- and 20th-Century European and American literature, painting and film; Modernism and Post-Modernism, Interdisciplinary research, Psychoanalytic theory, Women's studies, Translation.

  • derhemi-photo
    Derhemi, Eda


    2123 FLB

    Office Hours
    Spring 2017: M&W 3:20-4:10 and by appt.

    Minority languages of Europe; Linguistic endangerment and language death; Language law and minorities of Italy; Language and ethnicity; Albanian, Arbëresh and Arvanitika in Mediterranean contexts; Language of the media; Critical discourse analysis.

  • zsfagyal-photo
    Fagyal, Zsuzsanna

    Associate Professor

    Director of Graduate Studies and Graduate Advisor for French Linguistics

    2130 FLB

    Office Hours
    Spring 2017: W 12:00-2:00

    Phonetics, Phonology, and Sociolinguistics of French, Language and Minorities in Europe. Varieties of French, language variation and change in Parisian French, social networks, lexical innovations, and computational modeling of the spread of innovations.

  • afresco-photo
    Fresco, Alain

    Assistant Professor

    Director of Undergraduate Advising, French

    2004 FLB

    Office Hours
    Spring 2017: TR 2:15-4:30 pm & by appointment

    The Négritude poets, literature from French West Africa: representation of tradition and modernity in the novels from 1950 to the present; gender roles - interested in the various theories of racism in nineteenth-, twentieth-century colonial and postcolonial discourse. Director of Undergraduate Studies and Undergraduate Student Advisor.

  • kfresco-photo
    Fresco, Karen

    Associate Professor

    Graduate Advisor for French Studies

    2148 FLB

    Office Hours
    Spring 2017: T 12:30-1:30 & by appointment

    Medieval French literature with special interest in romance and lyric; codicology, the design of manuscript anthologies; feminist theory.

  • lchill1-photo
    Hill, Laura


    Director of Basic Language Instruction, Italian

    2115 FLB

    Office Hours
    Spring 2017: MTWR 1-2 & 3-4, F 12-2

    Content-based language instruction; computer-assisted language learning.

  • mkeller-photo
    Keller, Marcus

    Associate Professor

    Department Head

    2090H FLB (Head's Office); 2120 FLB

    Office Hours
    Spring 2017: by appointment

    Early modern French literature and culture (16th and 17th century); Rabelais, Pléiade, Montaigne, d'Aubigné, and Corneille; aesthetics and politics; early modern orientalism; the nation in literary and theoretical discourse; French and European theater.

  • lmall-photo
    Mall, Laurence

    Associate Professor

    2154 FLB

    Office Hours
    Spring 2017: M 12:00-1:00; W 3:30-4:30

    Eighteenth-century French literature and philosophy –emphasis on the philosophes, on the novel, and on history of ideas. Literature and the French Revolution. Theories of everyday life. Ethics and literature. Gender issues. Autobiography. Rousseau, Diderot, Prévost, Marivaux, Mercier, Rétif.

  • dmaroun2-photo
    Maroun, Daniel


    2111 FLB

    Office Hours
    Spring 2017: TR 1:00-2:00

  • jmathy-photo
    Mathy, Jean-Philippe


    4080 FLB

    Office Hours
    Spring 2017: by appointment

    Late modern and contemporary French literature and culture, intellectual history (19th-20th c.), comparative cultural criticism (France-U.S.), French-American intellectual relations, sociology of culture and literature, contemporary social and critical theory, literature and nationalism, computer imaging/computer-assisted teaching (culture and civilization).

  • apmroz-photo
    Mroz, Aurore

    Assistant Professor

    Graduate Advisor for Language Learning/SLATE

    2109 FLB

    Office Hours
    Spring 2017: R 11:30-12:30 pm or by appointment

    21st-century curriculum for the FL classroom, Teaching and Learning L2 culture, Integration of Pronunciation and Proficiency in the L2 classroom, Acquisition of L2 critical thinking, L2 negotiation of meaning, Computer-Assisted and -Mediated Language Teaching and Learning, Virtual Language Learning Environments, Critical Digital L2 Literacy, Mixed-methods and process-oriented research for SLATE

  • poucel-photo
    Poucel, Jean-Jacques

    Visiting Assistant Professor

    2101 FLB

    Office Hours
    Spring 2017: R 1:00-2:00 or email to schedule an appointment.

    20th & 21st century French literature; comparative modern poetry and poetics; OULIPO; modernisms and the avant-garde; hybrid writing & digital poetics; translation theory and practice; creative prose & poetry translation; contemporary French & Francophone film in language pedagogy

  • fproulx-photo
    Proulx, François

    Assistant Professor

    2103 FLB

    Office Hours
    Spring 2017: T 3:30-4:30 or by appointment

    Nineteenth- and twentieth-century French literature; gender and sexuality studies; Québec and francophone literatures; literary theory, translation studies; Marcel Proust.

  • felisavr-photo
    Reynolds, Felisa

    Assistant Professor

    2170 FLB

    Office Hours
    2016-17: on leave

    Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literature in French, from former French colonies and the French-speaking world. Special concentration on the French Caribbean. Interests in West Africa and North Africa. Post-colonial theory and analysis.

  • rota-photo
    Rota, Emanuel

    Associate Professor

    Graduate Advisor for Italian Studies

    2117 FLB

    Office Hours
    Spring 2017: T&R 11-12 and by appointment

    Emanuel Rota specializes in intellectual history. His research focuses on the Mediterranean and the South of Europe. He teaches courses on postcolonial Italy, the Southern question and biopolitics.

  • rrushing-photo
    Rushing, Robert

    Associate Professor

    2122 FLB

    Office Hours
    Spring 2017: T 2:00-3:00; W 11:00-12:00

    19th and 20th century Italian literature and culture; contemporary Italian fiction; Italian film; critical and interpretive theory; popular culture; comparative literary studies; genre.

  • stoppino-photo
    Stoppino, Eleonora

    Associate Professor

    Undergraduate Advisor, Italian

    Director, Program in Medieval Studies

    2120 FLB

    Office Hours
    Spring 2017: Tu 1-3 and by appt.

    Literature and culture of the Middle Ages and Early Modern period; Dante, Boccaccio, Ariosto, Tasso, the Italian epic tradition, medieval conduct literature; gender studies; travel literature and Mediterranean studies; philology and semiotics; animal studies.