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Aurore Patricia Mroz

ASST PROF of French and Italian and Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education

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Contact Information:

Office Hours:

  • Fall 2016: MW 11-12

Specializations / Research Interest(s)

  • Foreign language education
  • Phonetics and phonology of French
  • Integration of pronunciation in the FL K-16 classroom
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • 21st-century France
  • L2 critical thinking
  • Computer-Assisted Language Learning
  • Digital L2 literacy in virtual environments
  • Mixed methods for research in SLATE

Research Description


    21st-century curriculum for the FL classroom, Teaching and Learning L2 culture, Integration of Pronunciation and Proficiency in the L2 classroom

    Acquisition of L2 critical thinking, L2 negotiation of meaning

    Computer-Assisted and -Mediated Language Teaching and Learning, Virtual Language Learning Environments, Critical Digital L2 Literacy

    Mixed-methods and process-oriented research for SLATE


  • Ph.D. Foreign Language and ESL Education - The University of Iowa

Distinctions / Awards

  • 2013 ACTFL’s and MLJ’s Emma Marie Birkmaier Award for Best Doctoral Dissertation in Foreign Language Education


  • FR414 - Advanced Grammar and Style
  • FR443 - Studies in French - 21st-century France


Journal Articles

  • "L2 critical thinking in a virtual language learning environment: A process-oriented mixed-method study." CALICO 32.3 (2015):
  • "21st Century Virtual Language Learning Environments (VLLEs)." Language & Linguistics Compass 8.8 (2014): 330-343.
  • "Négociation et co-construction du sens en FLE lors d’une immersion dans un Environnement Virtuel d’Apprentissage (EVA) : Quid des compétences critiques et technologiques des apprenants en langue étrangère ?." The Canadian Modern Language Review 69.4 (2012): 359-392.

Encyclopedia Entries

  • "Process Research Screen Capture." Enyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2014.