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Affiliated Faculty

    • benmamou-photo
      Benmamoun, Abbas Professor Swanlund Administration Building, MC-304 University of Illinois 601 E. John Street Champaign, IL 61820

      Syntax, Morphology, Arabic, Semitic, Arabic as a Heritage Language, Acquisition of Arabic as First and second Language.

    • bokamba-photo
      Bokamba, EyambaProfessorLinguistics 3154 Flb 707 S Mathews M/C 168 Urbana, IL

      Sub-Saharan African languages, sociolinguistics, language policy

    • tchaplin-photo
      Chaplin, TamaraAssociate ProfessorDepartment of History 309 Gregory Hall 419B 810 S Wright M/C 466 Urbana, IL

      Contemporary France; Modern European cultural and intellectual history; the histories of gender and sexuality; feminist and critical theory; queer studies; human rights, popular culture and the media.

    • crowston-photo
      Crowston, ClareProfessorHistory 309 Gregory Hall 810 S Wright M/C 466 Urbana, IL

      The history of women and gender in Old Régime France; women’s work, material culture, and consumption.

    • aescobar-photo
      Escobar, Anna MaríaAssociate ProfessorSpanish Il & Port 4080 Flb 707 S Mathews M/C 176 Urbana, IL

      Language variation and change, contact Linguistics and bilingualism, morphology, grammaticalization and semantic change

    • whassan-photo
      Hassan , WaïlProfessorComparative & World Literature 3080 FLB 707 S Mathews M/C 160 Urbana, IL

    • hilger-photo
      Hilger, StephanieAssociate Professor2170C FLB/3040

      Eighteenth-century studies, feminist studies, literary theory

    • jihualde-photo
      Hualde, JoséProfessorSpanish Ital And Por 4080 Foreign Lang 707 S Mathews M/C 176 Urbana, IL

      Synchronic and diachronic phonology, minority language

    • mkoven-photo
      Koven, MicheleAssociate ProfessorCommunication 244 Lincoln Hall 702 S Wright M/C 456 Urbana, IL

      Discourses of identity in bilingual French-Portuguese communities in France and in Portugal.

    • amarina-photo
      Marina, AreliAssociate ProfessorOffice Address: Architecture 306 Mailing Address; School of Art & Design 143 Art & Design Building, MC-590 408 E. Peabody Drive Champaign IL 61820 USA Champaign, IL

    • niekerk-photo
      Niekerk, CarlProfessor3122

      The Enlightenment in its broad European context, gender and sexuality, colonialism and post-colonialism

    • obrien1-photo
      O'Brien, DavidAssociate ProfessorArt History 143 Art & Design 408 E Peabody Dr M/C 590 Champaign, IL

      Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century French art, particularly the art and politics of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods.

    • szylowic-photo
      Szylowicz, CarolineAssociate ProfessorLiterature and Languages Library 225 Main Library 1408 W Gregory Dr M/C 522 Urbana, IL

      Proust's correspondence and manuscripts, collection development in fin-de-siècle erotic and popular literature.