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Departmental Newsletter

Summer 2016


Douglas Kibbee, Language and the Law: Linguistic Inequality in America (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016).

Armine Mortimer, “Stendhal’s Privileges,” translation of an excerpt from Love’s Treasury by Philippe Sollers, The Cossack Review (May 2016).

Armine Mortimer, “Mother,” translation of an excerpt from The Secret by Philippe Sollers, Asymptote (July 2016).

David O’Brien, “Bonaparte’s Republican Legacy,” in Political Portraiture in the United States and France during the Revolutionary and Federal Eras, ed. Todd Larkin (Washington: Smithsonian Press, 2016). David O’Brien, ed. Civilisation and Nineteenth-Century Art: A European Concept in Global Context. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2016.

François Proulx, review of Proust Pluriel (ed. Mireille Naturel, Paris: Presses Sorbonne nouvelle, 2014), in Nineteenth-Century French Studies 44:3-4 (2016) []



Eda Derhemi presented on “Beaten Down by Lack of Status: Effects of (Non)Recognition on Small Languages (Abëresh and Arvanitika)” at the Small Language Planning: Communities in Crisis conference at Glasgow University (June 2016).

Marcus Keller gave a paper on “Civil War Revisited: Aubigné’s Tragiques” at the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference 2016 in Bruges (August 2016).

François Proulx gave an invited lecture on “Les Plaisirs et les Jours ou l’art de la parure” at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3 (June 2016).

François Proulx co-organized a colloquium around the publication of Proust and the Arts at École normale supérieure in Paris (June 2016, "Matinée d’étude autour de Proust and the Arts," with Christie McDonald, Evelyne Ender, Suzanne Guerlac, Françoise Leriche, Anne Simon, Kathrin Yacavone:

Emanuel Rota gave a presentation on “L’ideologia fascista in Italia fra populismo e anti populismo” at the international conference “Populismo e fascismo. Visioni, rappresentazioni e pratiche tra Europa e America Latina nel Novecento,” held at Biblioteca di Storia Contemporanea A. Oriani in Ravenna (May 2016).

Jessica Sciubba presented on "Postcolonial Contaminations and the Abject Female Body in Igiaba Scego,"at the Women of the Mediterranean International Conference in Sorrento (June 2016).

Eleonora Stoppino presented on “Ibridismo generico e linguistico nella leggenda di Bernardo del Carpio” at the CILFR (Congresso Internazionale di Linguistica e Filologia Romanza) in Rome (July 2016).

Eleonora Stoppino also gave a paper entitled “Baccaccio: Manuscripts and Merchants” at the international workshop “Merchant Cultural Networks in the Medieval and Early Renaissance Mediterranean” in Milan (June 2016).



Congratulations to Charles Batson (Ph.D. in French, 1997) who was promoted to full professor at Union College this summer!

Charles Batson is also the co-editor of the recently published Cirque Global: Quebec’s Expanding Circus Boundaries, Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2016.

Molly Melching (M.A. in French, 1979), founder and executive director of Tostan, was interviewed this summer by The Wall Street Journal. Ms. Melching received the 2015 University of Illinois Humanitarian Award.

Patricia Phillips-Batoma (Ph.D. in French, 2014) is the editor with Florence Zhang of Translation as Innovation: Bridging the Sciences and the Humanities, Dalkey Archive Press, 2016