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Monthly Departmental Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

April 2015


Just Published

Armine Kotin Mortimer, "Stendhal the Sollersian: A Twenty-First-Century Autoportrait" in Dix-Neuf, the online peer-reviewed journal of the Society of Dix-Neuviémistes, in Vol. 19 No. 1, April 2015, 67–79. The article concerns Philippe Sollers’s 2011 novel Trésor d’amour, an interesting Stendhalian love story.

Armine Mortimer, "Legality, Narrative Order, and Vagabondage in Balzac’s Ferragus." Realism and Its Vicissitudes: Essays in Honor of Sandy Petrey. Ed. Robert Harvey and Patrice Nganang. New York: Peter Lang, 2015. 59–70. A preview of this book can be found by clicking here.

Marcus Keller, "The Struggle for Cultural Memory in Ronsard’s Discours des misères de ces temps." Eds. David LaGuardia and Cathy Yandell. Memory and Community in Sixteenth-Century France. Burlington: Ashgate, 2015. 205-16.


Conference Presentations

Armine Kotin Mortimer gave a paper at the conference Roland Barthes at 100, held at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom, on March 30 and 31. The conference was in honor of the hundredth anniversary of Barthes’s birth and brought together scholars from several countries speaking on a variety of topics connected with Barthes. Professor Mortimer’s paper was entitled "Barthes’s Places: Les Lieux."

Zsuzsanna Fagyal gave a keynote address, titled "Multilingualism and Language Education in Europe: Aspirations and challenges," at Illinois State University’s Annual European Studies Symposium on April 2, 2015.

Priscilla Charrat presented her paper "Words, Faces, Images: Giving the Nation's 'Mohameds' More Than a Voice" at the University of Illinois at Chicago's Converging Narratives conference on April 10-11, 2015.

François Proulx presented a paper titled "'Le champion d’une déplorable peintresse': Proust and Lorrain, Duelling Visibilities" at the Society of Dix-Neuviémistes Annual Conference in Glasgow, UK, on April 14.

On April 18, 2015, Johnny Laforêt gave a presentation entitled "Haitian Identities and Language Maintenance" at the 3rd Annual World Languages Graduate Organization Conference, "Exploring Identities" at the University of Iowa.

Johnny Laforêt also gave a presentation on "Haitian Creole Maintenance" at Beyond Coasts: Haiti in the Midwest Symposium on April 25, 2015 at Northwestern University, Chicago.

On April 23-25, Nick Strole, Peter Tarjanyi, and Gyula Zsombock each presented at the Kentucky Foreign Language Conference in Lexington, Kentucky. Nick gave his paper "'I am no more than what I have written': Auobiography and the Performance of Selves in Nathalie Sarraute's Enfance," Peter presented on "Shame, Intoxication, and Masochism: Simone de Beauvoir reading the Marquis de Sade," and Gyula gave a talk entitled "Forced Enhancement of the Language: Exploring Top-Down Approach in Lexical Diffusion."


Honors and Achievements

Congratulations to Dan Maroun who successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation titled "Defining postmodern masculinities: a symptomatic approach to understanding French masculinities" on Friday, April 10, 2015. His doctoral committee consisted of Professors Jean-Philippe Mathy (Director and Chair), Tamara Chaplin (History), Marcus Keller, and Laurence Mall.

Jessica L. Sturm (Ph.D., French/SLATE 2008) has been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor of French and Applied Linguistics, with tenure, at Purdue University, effective August 17, 2015.


Fellowship Awards

Nora Stoppino was awarded the Senior Research Fellowship by the Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory for 2015-17 for her project "Ugly Beast, Talking Monkey: Education and Contagion in Pre-Modern Europe."

Priscilla Charrat is among the five graduate students in SLCL who were awarded an SLCL Dissertation Completion Fellowship for 2015-16.


In Other News

Robert Rushing talked with News Bureau arts and humanities editor Jodi Heckel about the last season of Mad Men. To read the interview, click here.


Pause Café / Melanzana

The Pause Café, an informal French conversation hour, is held at Espresso Royale (Oregon and Goodwin) in Urbana. Meets every Thursday at 5:30pm. All are welcome!

Melanzana, an informal Italian conversation hour, is held at Espresso Royale (Oregon and Goodwin) in Urbana. Meets every Tuesday at 7:00pm. All are welcome!


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Editorial Note

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