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Monthly Departmental Newsletter

October 3, 2012

Pause Café

Pause Café at Espresso Royale, (Oregon and Goodwin) in Urbana. Meets every Thursday at 5:30pm. All are welcome!

GSF Bake Sale

The GSF bake sale will be held on October 5th in the FLB atrium. Thank you to all those who have helped with generous contributions of their time and effort. Venez nombreux!

Just Presented

Professor Marcus Keller presented a paper entitled "Le Turc révélateur d'un système poétique français du XVIe siècle" at the 8th Frankoromanistentag in Leipzig (Sept. 20-22).

poster entitled " Recency of immersion in L2 environment more important than L2 proficiency in speech segmentation " by Mirjam Broersma, Jui Namjoshi (along with Prof. Annie Tremblay, Kansas University, Prof. Sahyang Kim, Hongik University, and Prof. Taehong Cho, Hanyang University) was presented at the Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing 2012, Riva del Garda, Italy, September 6-8.

Upcoming presentations

Dan Brant will present his paper, "The Ghost of Disasters Past: Colonial Apocalypse and Abolitionism in the Nineteenth-Century West Indies," at the 38th Annual Nineteenth-Century French Studies Colloquium in Raleigh, North Carolina, October 11-14. He will give his paper a dry run October 5, 2:30 p.m. in 4080 FLB.

Jui Namjoshi, Stephanie Gaillard and Prof. Annie Tremblay will give the following presentation: "L2 learners' use of prosodic and verb-bias cues to Structural Information in French" at the 5th Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition-North America, October 11-13.

Jui Namjoshi (together withProf. Annie Tremblay, University of Kansas, Prof. Mirjam Broersma, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics,Prof. Sahyang Kim, Hongik University and Prof. Taehong Cho, Hanyang University) will give the following presentation at the 2012 Second Language Research Forum (Oct , 2012 Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh): "Effects of Continuing Linguistic Input on the Use ofSegmentation Cues".

Jui Namjoshi (together with Stephanie Gaillard and Prof. Annie Tremblay, University of Kansas) will give the following presentation: "Use of lexical vs prosodic information in L2 sentence interpretation" at the 37th Boston University Conference on Language Development, November 2-4.

A poster by Jui Namjoshi,Prof. Annie Tremblay, University of Kansas (together withProf. Mirjam Broersma,Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Prof. Sahyang Kim, Hongik University and Prof. Taehong Cho, Hanyang University)entitled: "Influence of recent linguistic exposure on the segmentation on an unfamiliar language" will be presented at the 164th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Kansas City, Missouri, Oct 22-26.

Stéphanie Gaillard will present a paper on "Elicited Imitation Task as a‬ Method for Proficiency Assessment in Institutional and Research Settings" on October 6th at MwALT (Midwest Association of Language Testers) 2012, a conference that she has organized. More information can be found here.

Stéphanie Gaillard will present a poster on "Elicited Imitation Task as a Method for Proficiency Assessment in Institutional and Research Settings" at the University of Pittsburgh‬ on Oct. 19th

Request from recent graduate

Recent graduate student Liz Mocek Martinez is looking for professors or grad students who would be willing to host "terminale" students from France in April. The dates are not totally set but it would be between the 14-21st of April. They are coming from Arles to see the U of I and University High School for one week and then will be in Chicago another week. If you are interested in helping out, please email her


Brian Hunt successfully passed his preliminary examinations Sept. 28th. The tentative title of his dissertation project is "Centering the Border: Understanding Paris through Borderline Characters in Twentieth-Century French Theory, Literature and Film." The members of his committee are Maggie Flinn (director of research), Jean-Philippe Mathy, Patrick Bray, Dianne Harris (Landscape Architecture), and Marcus Keller.

Jessica Nicholas (PhD, French Ling) has been awarded a SLATE conference travel grant during this very competitive application cycle.She will present on "Abstraction-based phonological learning in L2 French" at the Second Language Research Forum in Pittsburgh, later this month.

A list of Graduate Student Achievements for the 2011-2012 Academic Year can be downloaded here.

Ediorial Note

Please contact Brian Hunt at by noon on the 1st of every month if you have news you would like mentioned in next week’s newsletter. Please ensure that submitted items are print ready.