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Monthly Departmental Newsletter

Monthly French Newsletter

November 11, 2011

Pause Café

Pause Café at Espresso Royale, (Oregon and Goodwin) 5:30pm, Thursdays. All are welcome!

Just Published

Jean Philippe Mathy, Melancholy Politics: Loss, Mourning, and Memory in Late Modern France. University Park: The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2011. A review can be found here.

Marcus Keller, "The Predicament of Peace in Gargantua," Approaches to Teaching the Works of François Rabelais, eds. Todd W. Reeser and Floyd Gray, New York: MLA, 2011, 211-18.

Accepted for Publication

Murdoch, A., Fagyal, Z. (eds.) Francophone Cultures and Geographies of Identity. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press. The volume contains a selection of articles on francophone literatures, cultures, and the arts presented at the department's interdisciplinary New Francophonies conference in April 2011.

Conference Papers

At the annual meeting of the international Nineteenth-Century French Studies association in Philadelphia on October 27-29, four people from the Department of French presented papers.

Jenelle Grant spoke on "P is for 'p...': Prostitution and the 'Réglementation' of Language in Slang Dictionaries," showing how the presence of the prostitute in the dictionaries' prefaces illustrates that the same notions informing regulation also shaped the lexicographic project.

Dan Brant's paper was titled "Colonial War in the French 'Far-West:' Imperial Nationhood in Balzac'sLes Chouans (1829)," defining an interior borderland that frames space, community, culture and language as negotiated sites of internal domination and resistance.

Patrick Bray gave a paper entitled "Map, Territory, Tourist: Ordering the Experience of National Space," bringing Michel Houellebecq's most recent novel, La Carte et le territoire, into focus by discussing its reuse of works by Nerval and Stendhal.

Armine Mortimer read a study of vagabondage, "Legality, Narrative Order, and Vagabondage in Balzac'sFerragus," which concludes that vagabondage is the best sort of narrative order for Balzac.

As Larry Schehr was one of the leaders of the NCFS and its guiding force for many years, the group's banquet included a memorial service in his honor, at which messages from many participants and colleagues were read while images of Larry and appropriate quotations were projected.

Upcoming Conferences at Illinois

Articulations of Difference. Symposium to honor the scholarship of Lawrence R. Schehr. September 13-14, 2012, Levis Center, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Organizers: Patrick Bray and Jean-Philippe Mathy.

New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV), October 2014. The conference is the largest sociolinguistics conference in North America, typically bringing over 200 participants organizing campuses each year. Past student presenters at this very selective conference from French have included Christopher Stewart, Samira Hassa, and Fallou Ngom.
Organizing committee: Z. Fagyal (Chair), M. Terkourafi (Ling), A. Escobar (SIP), and R. Bhatt (Ling).

Editorial Note

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