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Monthly Departmental Newsletter

Monthly French Newsletter

January 20, 2012

Pause Café

Pause Café at Espresso Royale, (Oregon and Goodwin) 5:30pm, Thursdays. All are welcome!


Profs. Mall, Mathy, and Keller were awarded an EUC Course Development Grant. The grant will be devoted to the development of an undergraduate course sequence focusing on "French culture and society through a European lens."

Alessia Zulato was awarded an EUC Graduate Student Travel Grant to do fieldwork in Aosta (Italy) for her research project "Minority Language Vitality in Aosta Valley, Italy." She will investigate, through sociolinguistic interviews, the vitality of the regional minority languages and the interplay of language use and attitudes with regional and national identities in speakers' interactions.

Just Published

Professor Laurence Mall, "L'Avoir-été et le n'être-plus: le travail de la mémoire révolutionnaire dans Le Nouveau Paris (1798) de L. S. Mercier." MLN 126.4 (September 2011): 889-904.

Professor Margaret C Flinn, "Giving a Face to the Conflict: "Envisager and dévisager" North African Women." International Journal of Francophone Studies 14:3 (October 2011): 339-363.

Professor Emile Talbot, "Populist Poetry in the 1930s: Jean Narrache and the Articulation of Powerlessness." The American Review of Canadian Studies 41.4 (2011): 479-94.

Chris Carignan: Shosted, R., Carignan, C., & Rong, P. "Managing the distinctiveness of phonemic nasal vowels: Articulatory evidence from Hindi." Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 131(1) (2012): 455–465.

Editorial Note

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