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Monthly Departmental Newsletter

Monthly French Newsletter

August 26, 2011

Pause Café

Pause Café at Espresso Royale, (Oregon and Goodwin) 5:30pm, Thursdays. All are welcome!

Congratulations to our long list of new doctorates

On April 28, Lizzie Black successfully defended her dissertation "The Ethics of Domestic Space: Secrecy and Solitude at Home in Sixteenth-Century French Literature and Visual Culture". She has joined the department of Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, and is now looking forward to beginning her career as an Assistant Professor of French.

On June 3, Audrey Evrard successfully defended her dissertation, "Ghost Workers: French Documentary Filmmaking in the Global Age." Director of Research/Advisor: Margaret C. Flinn, Readers: J. B. Capino, Jean-Philippe Mathy, Armine Kotin Mortimer, Larry Schehr. Audrey starts her career this fall as an Assistant Professor at Drew University in Madison, NJ.

On June 7, Leila Ennaili successfully defended her dissertation, "Les étrangers aux frontiers de la France: Étude de récits de migration (1870 à nos jours)". Her doctoral committee members were Professors Jean-Philippe Mathy, H. Adlai Murdoch, Margaret Flinn and Marcus Keller. Leila starts her career this fall as an Assistant Professor of French at Central Michigan University.

On August 11, Virginie Reali successfully defended her dissertation, "Forms and functions of the French discourse particle hein in mundane talk-in-interaction between French native speakers." Her doctoral committee members were Professors Andrea Golato (co-chair, Germanic Languages and Literatures), Peter Golato (co-chair, French), Laurence Mall (French), and Numa Markee (Linguistics).

Conference Papers


Prof. Marcus Keller presented a paper entitled "France's Emblematic Turk" at the Ninth International Conference of the Society for Emblem Studies in Glasgow (June 27-July 1). At the same conference, Lizzie Black gave a talk on "Ut pictura poesis atque suppelex: Furniture as Art in Gilles Corrozet's Blasons domestiques (1539)."

Prof. H. Adlai Murdoch presented "Diaspora, Creolization, and the Boundaries of Caribbean Identity." Diasporas, Cultures of Mobilities, "Race" 2011-13 Symposium, Panel:'Diasporas and Cultures of Migrations,' Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier 3, 20-23 June, 2011.

Prof. H. Adlai Murdoch presented "Thinking the Caribbean: Beyond Geopolitical Boundaries." 36th Annual Caribbean Studies Association Conference, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, 30 May-3 June, 2011.


Carly Bahler, Kate Coughlin, and Prof. Annie Tremblay gave the following presentation at the 17th International Congress for Phonetic Sciences (Hong Kong, Aug. 17-21, 2011): "Differential contribution of prosodic cues in native and non-native speech segmentation".

Charis Carignan just presented "Oral Articulation of French Nasal Vowels" on August 21 at the 17th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS XVII) in Hong Kong, China.


Chris Carignan has been awarded a National Science Foundation doctoral dissertation improvement grant for his project, "Oral Articulation of French Nasal Vowels." The news came during the summer so it is a pleasure to announce it now at the beginning of our academic year. Congratulations, Chris, and to Professor Zsuzsanna Fagyal, his director of research.
This year Chis is on our exchange with the Université de Bourgogne, Dijon.

Graduate Student Achievements

Each year we post a list of student accomplishments during the academic year. Here are their publications, conference presentations and awards for academic year 2010-2011. They can be found here.
Karen Fresco, Head

Just Published

Prof. Marcus Keller published Figurations of France: Literary Nation-Building in Times of Crisis (1550-1650) University of Delaware Press.

Armine Kotin Mortimer published the following during the summer: "Graphic Spaces: Veyron Illustrates Sollers." Contemporary French and Francophone Studies 15: 3 (June 2011): 329–37.

Prof. H. Adlai Murdoch published "Aimé Césaire, the Colonial Exhibition, and the Modernity of the Black Atlantic." International Journal of Francophone Studies, 14: 1&2 (2011); 57-74. Special Issue: "Afromodernisms." Fionnghuala Sweeney and Kate Marsh, Guest Editors.

Articles to Appear

Kate Coughlin and Prof. Annie Tremblay's manuscript "Proficiency and working-memory-based explanations for non-native speakers' sensitivity to agreement in sentence processing" was accepted for publication in Applied Psycholinguistics.

Prof. Annie Tremblay's article "Proficiency assessment standards in second language acquisition research: 'Clozing' the gap" appeared in Studies in Second Language Acquisition.

Other News

Professor William Carter (University of Alabama, Birmingham) writes about his most recent Proust project: "With the centennial of Proust's masterpiece just two years away (November 2013), an event that will occasion celebrations throughout the world, now is the perfect time to read or re-read À la recherche du temps perdu/In Search of Lost Time.
We invite you to explore our website and read about "Proust Online: A Self-Paced Course" In addition to the original seven webcams mentioned in the course description, we will continue to provide monthly live webcams as well as post (in addition to the 30 filmed lectures), monthly short films on the life, work, and times of Marcel Proust under the banner of "Proustiana."
Please help us spread the word about our unique website and the opportunity to read Proust with us.

Prof. Annie Tremblay is going to spend three weeks as visiting researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics (Nijmegen, September 2011).

Jane Kuntz will be giving a paper at the 6e Rencontres de Chaminadour, 22 - 25 September, in Guéret, France, in honor of Olivier Rolin, whose novel "Suite à l'Hôtel Crystal" she translated for Dalkey Archive Press.

Kate Coughlin and Prof. Annie Tremblay, together with Prof. Robert Reichle (Northern Illinois University), are going to give the following presentation at the Workshop on Bilingualism: Neurolinguistic and Psycholinguistic Perspectives (Aix-en-Provence, September 12-14, 2011): "Proficiency and Working Memory Effects in the L2 Processing of Short and Long Subject-Verb Agreement Dependencies: Evidence from Event-Related Potentials".

Professor Zsuzsanna Fagyal has been interviewed by Radio France Internationale (Danse des mots, Yvan Amar) on her book 'Accents de banlieue' (L'Harmattan, 2010). The interview can be downloaded from the following website:
A short segment of a previous interview with France Culture is featured on a website on contemporary youth culture: here.

The French Studies Reading Group is back. This interdisciplinary reading group focuses on recent scholarship in French and Francophone studies. This group will engage with critical issues in France and Francophone countries organized around a central theme and explored from a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches including anthropology, cultural studies, history, literary studies, and sociology. If you are interested in learning more, please contact either Dan Brant or Dan Maroun.

Editorial Note

Please contact Brian Hunt at by noon Wednesday if you have news you would like mentioned in next week’s newsletter. Please ensure that submitted items are print ready.