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Monthly Departmental Newsletter

Monthly French Newsletter

September 9, 2010



Performance of François Villon's "Ballade des pendus," in an original setting by Peter Michalove. Sung by Danda Beard. 3:00 p.m. Sunday, September 12. University Place Christian Church, 403 South Wright Street, Champaign (free parking in rear) .


Monsieur Noir : Henri-Georges Clouzot @ The Gene Siskel Film Center. September 11th - 30th.
The Gene Siskel Film Center presents "Monsieur Noir: Henri-Georges Clouzot" a tribute to the master of suspense and film noir often referred to as "the French Hitchcock." The series includes five of Clouzot's classics in addition to HENRI-GEORGES CLOUZOT'S INFERNO (2009), a new documentary about the director's aborted 1964 production. Supported by the Cultural Services of the Consulate General of France in Chicago and CulturesFrance.

The September issue of LIAISON, the French Consulate's listing of cultural activities in Chicago, is on-line.


Professor Annie Tremblay is presenting her paper, "Relative Weight of Cues for Segmenting Liaison-Initial Words in French," at PhonLex 2010: Liaison and Other Sandhi Phenomena, Toulouse, France, September 8-10, 2010.


Congratulations to the following instructors, who appear on the Center for Teaching Excellence's list of teachers ranked as excellent for fall 2009 and spring 2010:

  • Fall 2009:
    Black, E. (FR 209)
    Carignan, C. (FR 106)
    Coughlin, C. (FR 101)
    Curtin, S. (FR 102)
    Dimit, P. (FR 210)
    Fagyal, Z. (FR 413)
    Fisher, L. (FR 102)
    Golato, P. (FR 584)
    Gratz, J. (FR 205)
    Haileselassie, A. (FR 101)
    Hunt, B. (FR 104)
    Ilinca, I. (FR 500)
    Jacobson, J. (FR 104)
    Lenoble, M. (FR 205)
    Mall, L. (FR 414)
    Maroun, D. (FR 104)
    Mocek Martinez, E. (FR 105)
    Owens, N. (FR 213)
    Perret, A. (FR 208)
  • Spring 2010:
    Bray, P. (FR 541)
    Coughlin, C. (FR 102)
    Fagyal, Z. (FR 213)
    Gaillard, S. (FR 101)
    Golato, P. (FR 471)
    Gratz, J. (FR 205)
    Haileselassie, A. (FR 104)
    Hunt, B. (FR 102)
    Ice,C. (FR 105)
    Jacobson, J. (FR 199 = French for architects)
    Lenoble, M. (FR 209)
    Mall, L. (FR 210)
    Maroun, D. (FR 101, 103)
    Mocek Martinez, E. (FR 199 = French for engineers)
    Murdoch, A. (FR 179)
    Owens, N. (FR 213)
    Philipponneau, A. (FR 205, 217)
    Sarr, A. (FR 208)
    Toharia Zapata, C. (FR 134)

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