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Monthly Departmental Newsletter

Monthly French Newsletter

October 21, 2010


We note the passing of Paul Vieille, who taught in this Department in the 1990s as well as in the Campus Honors Program. He was a Visiting George A. Miller Professor in 1989. He conducted anthropological research in many countries, publishing on such subjects as the Iranian revolution, immigration, and urban society.

Pause Café

Pause Café at Espresso Royale, (Oregon and Goodwin) 5:30pm, Thursdays. All are welcome!

Papers Presented

Professors Patrick Bray, Larry Schehr, and Armine Kotin Mortimer gave papers at the 36th annual Nineteenth-Century French Studies conference held at Yale University October 14-17. Bray’s paper was titled “Mapping Chagrin,” about Balzac’s La Peau de chagrin. Schehr’s title was “ ‘Couvrez ce c… que je ne saurais voir’: Gender-bending the Body in George Sand’s Gabriel. Mortimer’s talk was “Balzac’sMuse: The Geographical Method,” about La Muse du département.

Several former students of the UIUC Department of French were also present and giving papers. Among them was Juliette Dade, who earned her PhD in 2009 and is now an Assistant Professor at Indiana University. Her paper was “Towards a Cinematic Theoretical Approach to Gender Reversal in Zola, Rachilde, and Colette.” And Faith Wilson Stein, currently a doctoral student in Comparative and World Literature, gave her paper entitled “Domestic Aesthetics and the Failures of Home in Balzac.”

Editorial Note

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