Graduate Funding Hidden

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Fellowship Opportunities

The Department of French and Italian of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers highly competitive, personalized research packages to outstanding incoming graduate students. These Departmental financial awards are specifically tailored for highly-qualified prospective students in fields represented in the Department. For applicants of the highest standing, a Departmental financial award may be offered together with a campus-wide Fellowship.

Qualified applicants need take no action beyond applying to the graduate program. The Department automatically nominates top applicants for all fellowships. Further details on these fellowships are available here.

Deadline: In order to receive full consideration for all financial aid opportunities, graduate applications for Fall 2016 must be submitted by December 18, 2015. Applications submitted by February 27, 2016 will still be considered.

Financial Aid

Subject to budgetary conditions, and assuming satisfactory academic and teaching performance, the Department offers two years of financial aid toward the M.A. degree and an additional four years of support toward completion of the Ph.D.

Teaching Assistantships are the most common form of graduate student support at Illinois. The usual appointment requires teaching three courses during the academic year.

Research Assistantships require the recipient to assist with a faculty member's research for a specific number of hours per week. A research assistantship may be combined with a teaching assistantship. Research assistantships are not normally available to first-year graduate students.

Tuition and Fee Waivers are included in all fellowship, teaching assistantship, and research assistantship awards.

Professor Emanuel Rota
Director of Graduate Studies