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Section 1

M.A. in French


- Five courses in French and Francophone literature and culture at the 500 level, at least two of which must be in periods prior to 1800: 20 hours
- One course in critical theory (FR 530 or equivalent): 4 hours.
- Of the two remaining graduate courses, one may be chosen in any area covered in the Department of French, such as linguistics, cinema studies or language learning/second-language acquisition (excluding the pedagogy course required by contract). The other course can be taken in another department when such a course can contribute to the student's research in French Studies. Close consultation with the advisor is required: 8 hours.
- An M.A. examination based on a reading list, with a written and an oral part. Students continuing to the doctoral program should take the M.A. examination no later than February during their second year.
- Students should also take note of the language requirement for the Ph.D. described here. Work toward fulfilling that requirement should begin during M.A. study, if possible. This requirement may, however, be fulfilled after having taken the Ph.D. preliminary examination.

French Studies M.A. Reading List

A revised French Linguistics curriculum is being phased in during 2013-15 in order to increase interdisciplinary collaboration and bring a response to global cultural issues. The specialization in French Linguistics continues to include training in French and Romance linguistics in cooperation with the Department of Linguistics and the Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. In addition, building on the Department’s focus on the cultures, literatures and languages of France and the francophone world, a strong cultural and applied linguistic component is being introduced into its curriculum. At the doctoral level, students selecting the Ph.D. Concentration in Romance Linguistics are expected to demonstrate proficiency in at least one other Romance language. Students will also include in their training course work in French and francophone culture and/ or literature as well as in cultural studies and the social sciences..

Required courses (8 credit hours):

  • Introduction to the Linguistic Sciences (LING 400)
    • One course in any area of French linguistics offered in the Department of French. Recent course offerings have included:
    • French Phonetics and Phonology (FR 413)
    • History of the French Language (FR 417)
    • Language and Minorities in Europe (FR 418)
    • Studies in French Linguistics (FR 529, topics vary)

  • Two courses (8 credit hours) offered by the Department of French at the 400- or the 500-level in French and francophone culture and/or literature. Recent course offerings have included:
    • The Study of Culture (FR 503 or FR 504)
    • French Studies (FR 543)
    • Studies in French and Comparative Cinema (FR 552)
    • Introduction to Old French Language (FR 531)

  • The remaining courses (16 credit hours) will be selected in consultation with the advisor from courses relevant to French Linguistics offered in any of the following participating departments: French; Linguistics; Spanish, Italian and Portuguese; Communication; and Anthropology. Recent course offerings in the latter two have included:
      • Techniques in Translation (FR 419-421)
      • Introduction to Romance Linguistics (FR 461)
      • Seminar in Romance Linguistics (SPAN 557/FR 599, topics vary)
      • Gender and Language (CMN 432)
      • Language and Culture (ANTH 512)

    Students may request the transfer of credit for up to two courses (8 credit hours) taken at an outside institution.

    French Linguistics M.A. Reading List

The Program in Language Learning and Teaching reflects a long-standing commitment by the department to the preparation of language teachers and to research in language learning theory and methodology. The M.A. degree combines the study of French language, literature and/ or civilization with the study of theoretical issues in second language learning and teaching.

Candidates for this degree must complete a total of 32 hours as follows:

  • 16 hours in French civilization, language, and/or literature (excluding French 414), at least two of which must be at the 500 level.
  • 8 hours in second language learning and teaching chosen from current Department of French offerings, e.g., French 460, 481, 482, 563, 581, 543 (when topic appropriate), excluding French 505.
  • 8 hours of electives in an appropriate related area or areas chosen with the approval of an advisor. Related areas include, but are not limited to, the following: applied linguistics, psycholinguistics, testing and measurement, computer-aided instruction. Candidates with no prior background in linguistics should include Linguistics 500.
  • Remedial work in French syntax may also be required of candidates who show deficiencies in this area upon entering the program. In addition to completion of course work, candidates will be required to pass a comprehensive written and oral examination during their last semester of study, demonstrating a satisfactory level of communicative competence in French and the ability to integrate effectively their knowledge of French language, literature, and culture in developing a philosophy and practice of teaching.

The Master of Arts in French Language Learning does not lead to certification for Illinois public secondary school teaching. Candidates who seek this certification may meet requirements by completing the undergraduate program in the Teaching of French, or its equivalent, in addition to the requirements for the graduate program described above.

Candidates are strongly urged to keep in close touch with their advisor. Any French Language Learning candidate who is considering continuation for the Ph.D. in Second Language Learning/Teaching SLATE should also consult with an appropriate advisor to determine what additional work may be required.

Comprehensive Examination

No later than the mid-point of the semester preceding the final semester of course work, the candidate should consult with his or her advisor for purposes of establishing an Examination Committee. This Committee shall consist of three members of the regular faculty: one member shall represent the area of second language learning, the other two members shall represent the candidate's interest or interests within French studies. The candidate's advisor should chair the committee.

It shall be the responsibility of the Committee to prepare a comprehensive written and oral examination based on a list of readings from the candidate's areas of study, selected by Committee members in consultation with the candidate. The examination will be approximately four hours in length and will include:

  • a written discussion in French of the stylistic expression and/or cultural context of a selected French passage (1 hour)
  • a written discussion of some aspect of second language acquisition theory (1 hour)
  • an essay bearing on one or more aspects of teaching French culture, language and/or literature (1 hour)
  • an oral interview based on all of the above (1 hour)

Parts of both the written and oral portions of the examination will be conducted in French as a means of evaluating the candidate's communicative competence in written and spoken French. The examination cannot normally be administered during a Summer Session. Students wishing to apply to the doctoral program should take the MA examination no later than February during their second year.