French Job Placement Hidden

Section 1

Job Placements

Eric Becker (M.A. French Linguistics) - Lausanne Collegiate High School, Memphis, TN

Henrietta Boudros (Ph.D. SLATE) - Central Michigan University, Department of Communication Disorders

Priscilla Charrat (Ph.D. French Studies) - Bradley University, Peoria IL

Johnny A. Laforet (Ph.D. SLATE) - Princeton University, Department of French and Italian
Jui Namjoshi, (PhD. SLATE) - Google London via Adecco, Speech Data Evaluator
Richard Beyogle (Ph.D. SLATE) - Northern Illinois University
Daniel Brant (Ph.D. French Studies) - Marist High School, Chicago, IL
Ryan Campbell (M.A. Language Learning) - Oak Forest High School, MO
Kirby Chazal (Ph.D, SLATE) - Boston University, Romance Languages
Brian Hunt (Ph.D, French Studies) - Lyon College, Arkansas
Alessia Zulato (ABD, French Linguistics) - Josephinum Academy of the Sacred Heart, Chicago, IL
Stéphanie Gaillard (Ph.D. SLATE) - Louisiana State University, Department of French Studies
Azeb Haileselassie (Ph.D. SLATE) - University of Notre Dame, Department of Romance Languages
Patricia Dimit (M.A. French Studies) - Upper School of Mary Institute, St. Louis Country Day
Christopher Carignan (Ph.D. French Linguistics) - MARCS Institute at the University of Wester Sydney, Australia
Alison Clifton (Ph.D.. SLATE) - Roanoke College, Department of Modern Languages
Nicola Dach (Ph.D. French Studies) - WHU, Otto Beisheim School of Management
Michael Foster (Ph.D. SLATE) - William Jewell College, Department of Languages
Arnaud Perret (Ph.D. French Studies) - University of Puget Sound, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Errol O'Neill (Ph.D. SLATE) - University of Memphis, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Elizabeth Black ( Ph.D. French Studies) - Old Dominion University, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Leila Ennaïli (Ph.D. French Studies) - Central Michigan University, Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Audrey Evrard (Ph.D. French Studies) - Fordham University, NY
Virginie Reali (Ph.D.SLATE) - U of Nevada Reno, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Sarah Bradley (M.A. French Studies) - Greenfield Central High School, Greenfield, IN
Ingrid Ilinca (Ph.D.French Studies) - Westminster College, MO, Department of Foreign Languages
Awa Sarr (Ph.D. French Studies) - University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Dept of Modern Foreign Languages & Literatures
Sean Curtin (M.A. Language Learning) - Santa Rita High School, Chicago, IL