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Selected Courses in Fall 2018

ITAL 240: Middle Ages and Renaissance - The Foul and the Fragrant

FR 156: Exploring Paris

FR 212: Introduction to Cultural Analysis - French Identities

FR 324: Literature and the Other Arts

FR 571: Seminar 16th C French Lit - French Renaissance Worldmaking

FR 579: French Literature Meets Queer Theory

Other regularly offered courses

FR 336: French Cultural History 1789-1968

Survey of French cultural history from the French Revolution to 1968. Taught in French.

FR 337: Contemporary France

Overview of major cultural, social, and political issues and debates in late 20th- and 21st-century France. Topics may include: political life; definitions of the French Republic; the government and social policies; evolving views on sexuality, gender and the family; France and the European Union; professional life and labor laws; immigration; the cultural identity of France; new media.

ITAL 510: Inhuman Cinema

This class is divided into four sections: “Persons & Things,” looking at films that dramatize the division of human from inhuman; “Brutal Humanism,” based on Schoonover’s recent re- evaluation of neorealism; “The Non-human Gaze,” which looks at Antonioni’s remarkable anticipation of post- anthropomorphic cinema; and “Post | Apocalypse,” where we will look at Italy’s particular penchant for cinema after the end of the world.

FR 322: Quebec Literature and Cinema


FR 322 courses are focused studies and discussions of major literary movements or critical perspectives.

FR 578: Marcel Proust

Seminar on Marcel Proust's A la recherche du temps perdu. Readings include excerpts from each tome of the novel and related critical texts. Taught in French.

FR 301: Medieval and Early Modern Literature

This class is an overview of French literature from the Middle Ages to the Revolution in its historical context. Taught in French.



(Portrait: Voltaire)

ITAL 414: Petrarch & Boccacio

This course explores Boccaccio's collection of tales, called Decameron, following the adventures of star-crossed lovers and inveterate sinners, ambitious merchants and licentious priests, cunning wives and clueless travelers. Through the Decameron, we will understand a crucial moment of world history, the European Middle Ages and, within it, the Mediterranean culture of circulation and contacts.

FR 211: Introduction to Literary Studies

Introduction to concepts of modernity and questions of representation, through French texts from the nineteenth through the twenty-first centuries. Analysis of diverse literary forms (poems, plays, narratives), and use of resources for literary, historical and cultural research.


FR 212: Introduction to Cultural Analysis: French Identities

Introduction to concepts of and debates on French national identity. Materials are drawn from a multiplicity of media and from many spheres of modern life in France: political, artistic, the everyday, etc. Identification of major resources for the study of culture and analysis of diverse cultural texts.

FR 418 Languages and Minorities in Europe

Survey of regional and immigrant minority language use and language policies in contemporary Europe. Focus on political and social issues, such as bilingual education, acculturation and assimilation, language loss and language maintenance in two immigrant languages, Turkish and Arabic/Berber, and four indigenous language families: Balto-Slavic with Estonian, Celtic, Romance with Basque, and Slavic with Hungarian. Taught in English.

SLCL 200 SLCL 200 Language and Culture of the Mediterranean

FR 443 Studies in French

"The Study of 21st-Century France"

Politics, family, education, institutions, economics, religion, arts, immigration. Exploration of related cultural products, practices, perspectives based on approaches drawn from media studies, film studies, literary criticism, philosophy, history, and sociology.

Accelerated Intermediate French I
ITAL 406 Post Colonial Italy

ITAL 406 Italian Culture

"Post Colonial Italy"

Introduction to factors that have shaped present-day Italy; basic concepts contributing to understanding its present social and cultural development; taught in Italian.

FR 579: Seminar in French Literature

Study of innovative and more traditional forms of autobiographical writing and select theories of the writing of the self. With a few exceptions (ex. Standhal, extracts from memoirs), emphasis will be on the XXth and XXIst centuries. Authors will include Sartre, Delbo, Perec, Barthes, Sarraute, Calle, Eribon, Ernaux, Bouvier (extracts), Laurens (extracts), Leve.




(image source: Le Monde, date: January 24 1997)

FR 209

FR 209 Intro to French Literature

Survey of French literature from the Middle Ages to the French Revolution.

ITAL 414 Petrarch anad Boccaccio

ITAL 414 Petrarch and Boccaccio

Studies in Petrarch and Boccaccio; non-majors in Italian may read the works in translation; lectures are in English

FR 529

FR 529 Studies in French Linguistics

"Sociophonetics of French"

Dialects and sociolects in the francophone world. Study of dialectal, stylistic, and L2-specific phonetic variation in the media and authentic, unscripted spontaneous speech in French. Comparisons with Romance languages and training to teach introductory phonetics (e.g. FR 213) in French. Graduate standing in French, Linguistics and/or specialization in Romance Linguistics is required. Take-home midterm and final project. Taught in French, with readings in French and English