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Selected Courses in Spring 2017

FR 418_Fagyal

FR 418 Languages and Minorities in Europe (cross-listed, taught in English)

SLCL 200

SLCL 200 Language and Culture of the Mediterranean

ITAL 310- cartoons


FR 418 Languages and Minorities in Europe (cross-listed, taught in English)

Other regularly offered courses


FR 443

FR 443 Studies in French

"The Study of 21st-Century France"

Politics, family, education, institutions, economics, religion, arts, immigration. Exploration of related cultural products, practices, perspectives based on approaches drawn from media studies, film studies, literary criticism, philosophy, history, and sociology.

Accelerated Intermediate French I
FR 209

FR 209 Intro to French Literature

Survey of French literature from the Middle Ages to the French Revolution.

ITAL 406 Post Colonial Italy

ITAL 406 Italian Culture

"Post Colonial Italy"

Introduction to factors that have shaped present-day Italy; basic concepts contributing to understanding its present social and cultural development; taught in Italian.

ITAL 414 Petrarch anad Boccaccio

ITAL 414 Petrarch and Boccaccio

Studies in Petrarch and Boccaccio; non-majors in Italian may read the works in translation; lectures are in English

FR 529

FR 529 Studies in French Linguistics

"Sociophonetics of French"

Dialects and sociolects in the francophone world. Study of dialectal, stylistic, and L2-specific phonetic variation in the media and authentic, unscripted spontaneous speech in French. Comparisons with Romance languages and training to teach introductory phonetics (e.g. FR 213) in French. Graduate standing in French, Linguistics and/or specialization in Romance Linguistics is required. Take-home midterm and final project. Taught in French, with readings in French and English